0.10.0 - Release Candidate

Great stuff in this release!

  • Unreal Server SDK!
  • GameServers can self Allocate
  • Faster Allocations

We are now in feature freeze until Tuesday, 14th of May. This means only docs, bug fixes and tests PRs will be merged during this time.
(Other PRs will be marked as “merge-after-release” and will be held until after that date)

Check the README for details on features, installation and usage.

Breaking changes:

Implemented enhancements:

  • Implementing cross cluster allocation request #757 (pooneh-m)
  • Rename APIServerEndpoint to AllocationEndpoint for multi-cluster allocation #755 (pooneh-m)
  • Implement multicluster allocation for local cluster allocation. #753 (pooneh-m)
  • Implementing cluster selector from multi-cluster allocation policies. #733 (pooneh-m)
  • Added Supersolid logo to the homepage #727 (KamiShepard)
  • Implementation of SDK.Allocate() #721 (markmandel)
  • Add allocation policy CRD and schema definition. #698 (pooneh-m)
  • Helm support for Terraform #696 (aLekSer)
  • Implement lacking functions in Rust SDK #693 (thara)
  • Terraform support to generate test cluster #670 (aLekSer)
  • Lightweight library for implementing APIServer extensions #659 (markmandel)
  • Unreal Engine 4 Plugin #647 (YannickLange)


See CHANGELOG for more details on changes.

This software is currently alpha, and subject to change. Not to be used in production systems.

Images available with this release:

Helm chart available with this release:

Make sure to add our stable helm repository using helm repo add